the FSJ pages have returned to the and found this frog alongside my driveway in Snohomish - had to take his picture.____
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john's wagoneers some of john's old jeeps, both gone... the little wagoneer does the Naches Pass - Sept 97
john's wagoneers - January 11, 1998
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Jeep Wagon Time Line Map

the little wagoneer and ARB's XJ in Seattle, Washington
THE FSJ list on
THE XJ list on
John's favorite SJ, an 81 Wagoneer Limited, referred to as "Old Blue" is on the Jeep-List,
and so is John's little wagoneer (an 88 xj).

  • _only in a__ jeep (Jeep® is a registered Trade Mark)
    the little wagoneer and Old Blue January 1997
    picture of John & Old Blue in Bellevue, WA John's Wagoneer limiteds
    Old Blue has his own page reach john - email: John's Wagoneer Limiteds: 81 & 88

  • useful transfer case info for Selectrac users
  • FSj Tailgate repair HOW-TO, by Michael Baxter
  • Full-Size Jeep FILTERS (AMSOIL & FRAM)
  • the escape from Clearview...
    the STORM of 1996...
  • more adventures of OLD BLUE...
    or the 18 wheel thing...

    John's 88 Wagoneer (xj) limited and Old Blue, an 81 (SJ) Wagoneer Limited "the last wagoneer"
    John's 88 Wagoneer Limited the LAST JEEP Wagoneer & the Jerrari

    "my old 67 Wagoneer" "my old 85 td XJ"
    my FIRST FSJ, a 67 Wagoneer my old 85 Turbo Diesel XJ

    Henry's "Ole Bessy" Old Blue on the ramp "my old 53 Willys" "my photo, not my jeep"
    Ole Bessy - Henry's 68 Wagoneer Old Blue's RTI stats my old 53 Willys convinced me that Jeeps don't rust in Snohomish, Washington, they mold... my PHOTO of a WORST STUCK in OFFROAD.

    john was the Editor for Full Size Jeeps and Cherokee America on
    but he quit. WHY?
    John is still a UNIX System Administrator by day... and a Jeep nut all the time...

    If you're looking for used FSJ parts you might try Olympic 4x4 in Snohomish, Washington. 1.800.752.9979
    The other option for later models is Fitz in Woodinville, WA 425.337.3212 ext 413
    Or, Performance Jeep in Everett, WA 1-800-pro-jeep
    ask for Don or Mike and tell 'em john sent you. :-)
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