XJ vs SJ vs WJ dimensions

These are quick and dirty measurement, in the dark... not accurate.
Measured to the top of the tailgate/hatch and back of backseat, and from the
tailgate/hatch to top of the back of the front seat, width across
the side panels.  Heigth at the tailgate opening, floor to roof.  Didn't
fold seats down, didn't move stuff, just did it across the top... remember
that all of these rigs have sloping seats and much more room is really

More careful measurements would definitely produce larger numbers,
especially at the bottom of the floors.  Didn't measure "sleeping" area
since I'm not planning on using it as such. ;)   Feel free to measure
and repost...

XJ: ('87 Cherokee Pioneer)
         back of hatch (closed) to back seat top       -  29"
         back of hatch (closed) to front seat back/top -  59"
         width btwn side walls  -        45" + 8" spare - 53"
         opening height in back -        34"

WJ:  ('99 Grand Cherokee Limited)
         back of hatch (closed) to back seat top       -  34"
         back of hatch (closed) to front seat back/top -  67"
         width btwn side walls  -        55"
         opening height in back -        30"

SJ:  ('77 Cherokee 2dr NT)
         back of tailgate (closed) to back seat top       - 33"
         back of tailgate (closed) to front seat back/top - 65"
         width btwn side walls  -  58"
         opening height in back -  39"

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