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Some recommended tools (and parts) for survival in an FSJ (or XJ) Jeep.

"supplies and parts:"

  1. duct tape (mostly kidding, but does come in handy, can fix a hose!)
  2. electrical tape (very useful)
  3. glass cleaner
  4. bailing wire (small section)
  5. electrical wire (small section 16 to 12 gauge)
  6. electrical crimp connectors
  7. 3 to 6 quarts of oil (preferably AMSOIL)
  8. one complete set of u-joints for both front and rear shafts
  9. a spare ignition module
  10. spare plugs (the old ones will work)
  11. a spare engine computer or brain (for the rig, not the driver)
  12. a spare cap and rotor
  13. spare plug wires (and possibly a spare coil)
  14. old radiator hoses (upper and lower, bypass and some heater hose)
  15. 2 quarts of ATF (again I recommend AMSOIL :)
  16. Oil filter
  17. air filter
  18. spare tail/turn/brake bulb
  19. fuel filter
  20. vacuum line (doubles for tranny lines if needed)
  21. two small hose clamps (tranny lines)
  22. two medium hose clamps (heater hoses)
  23. two large hose clamps (upper/lower hoses)
  24. leak stop stick for radiator/fuel tank
  25. Antifreeze or water if you're anyplace but the Pacific NorthWest
  26. fuses (or thermal breaker, better...allow it cool and reset)
  27. bottled water or canned soda for the passengers
  28. plumbers putty or caulk material
  29. blankets or extra coats
  30. first aid kit
  31. umbrella (for shade or rain)
  32. fire extinguisher
  33. hand cleaner and wipes
  34. paper towels
  35. plastic trash bags
  36. matches or lighter
  37. defensive weapon - handgun or rifle (laws vary in spite of the constitution...)
  38. ammo for defensive weapon
  39. spare injector or two
  40. gas can (empty is the safest, unless you're going far into the back country)
  41. spare belt(s)
  42. baseball cap
  43. leather work gloves
  44. AMSOIL MP (metal protector), or similar lubricant/penetrant
  45. coveralls or something to lay on
  46. section of plywood at least 2x2
  47. rubber gloves (surgical type)
  48. coffee cup
  49. survival knife
  50. shovel


  1. large cresent wrench (8 to 10")
  2. small bottle jack or stock jack
  3. high lift (shepherder's) jack
  4. 4-way spinner lug wrench
  5. socket set (SAE - SJ, metric - xj)
  6. wrench set (SAE - SJ, metric - xj)
  7. tow strap
  8. set of screwdrivers
  9. lineman pliers
  10. hammer
  11. waterpump pliers
  12. extra long needlenose pliers
  13. simple electrical tester light
  14. jumper cables
  15. flashlight
  16. wire cutting/crimping/stripping tool(s)
  17. single sided razor blades
more later... these are off the top of my head... email john@johnmeister.com/jeep/sj for more suggestions

Greetings from Snohomish, Washington - USA, where Jeeps don't rust , they mold...