Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 19:21:32 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Paul W."

I ran across this interesting Jeep-related tidbit today, and felt its news was
worth spreading throughout our communities.  When/if your insurance company
jacks your rates because you drive one of those "Killer SUV's" - show them

>From "The Federalist Digest" Vol. 99-27 (

"A USA Today analysis of previously unpublished fatality statistics discovers
that 46,000 people have died because of a 1970s-era push for greater fuel 
efficiency that has led to smaller cars."  About all that liberal ranting 
about those dangerous SUVs, USA Today notes: "Myth: Small cars have a high 
death rate because they get hit by those big sport-utility vehicles all over
the roads.  Fact: In 1997, according to the latest-available government data,
56% of small-car fatalities involved only small cars: 46% from single-car
crashes, 10% from small cars running into each other. Just 1% of small-car
deaths in 1997 involved collisions with midsize and large SUVs -- 136 out of
12,144 total small-car deaths that year." [Statistically, given the number of
SUVs on the road, one might have expected them to be involved in more

Paul W