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Archives of the xj digest are kept by majordomo. Back issues may be obtained using the majordomo index and get commands; see the majordomo help files for more information. The XJ-Digest has a home page at ------------------------------------------------------- If you have a FULL-SIZE JEEP, you understand why we're here... if you don't, well... you'll never understand... It's an FSJ thing...
John Meister : Snohomish WA USA : ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 83 JEEP J10 Stepside (SJ) 258 (4.2L), T-5, NP208, Michelin LTX 31x10.5's, AMSOIL, leather seats, roll bar, 3.31's, brushguard, Jacobs ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 88 jeep wagoneer ltd (xj) "the little wagoneer" 4.0 liter, leather, 4.10's detroit locker rear, true trac front, np242, cd, 4spd at, BFG 30x9.5's, Old Man Emu 2" lift, high flow cat, Flowmaster, all AMSOIL filters and synthetic lubricants, 18-20 mpg... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ former Editor - FULL-SIZE JEEPS - Jan 97 - Nov 97 CHEROKEE AMERICA - Jun 97 - Nov 97 --------------------------------------------------------------- ... sold in 1998 ... 81 JEEP WAGONEER LTD (SJ) "OLD BLUE" RTI=673 LEATHER, MOONROOF, 360, AMSOIL, 727, 2.72, NP219, RANCHO 2", Michelin LTX 235's, AMSOIL Two Stage Air Filter, 10-14MPG... ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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