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pictures provided by Michael Baxter - Reno, Nevada

hey, it's SUPERKEN!!!

the last wagoneer... in the National Auto Museum in Reno, Nevada

  FSJ's are Jeep Cherokees and Jeep Wagoneers made from 1962 to 1992.  
They include Grand Wagoneers, Gladiators, J10's through J4000's and any other
J-series trucks.  (Also welcome are Jeepsters, Willys Trucks and Willys Wagons.)

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Greetings from Snohomish, Washington - USA, where Jeeps don't rust , they mold...

The original FSJ pages on the johnmeister.com/jeep/sj are still there and have not been migrated to this site yet. (January 1999). Both sides are "joined at the hip" so there should be no problem bouncing back and forth. These pages are the first and the longest running Full Size Jeep pages on the internet. The FSJ pages were started on John's homepage on Compuserve, moved to the johnmeister.com/jeep/sj and then a larger version appeared for about 11 months on a commercial site until returning to the johnmeister.com/jeep/sj. Now they will appear here. There have been parallel FSJ pages, but these are the original. There is one slight exception concerning the "first": the zynet.com pages. Those pages were created about the same time but disappeared off the internet. John's pages were placed on compuserve about the same time, and were in fact a copy of some of the pages created there by Kevin Highsmith. The FSJ-list got it's start in 1995 when John Meister and Mike Lacher met on rec.autos.4x4 and started talking about Wagoneers. Within a few months there were a dozen other folks involved and we kicked off the first list. The list moved from server to server and in 1997 split into two lists. The list that John is currently active on is the one on digest.net. If you're looking for the smaller versions of Cherokees or Wagoneers, try: XJ files or Cherokees Wagoneers.com came on line September 24, 1998. Check back soon, lots of info is heading this way... John Meister is working on a book on "The Full Size Jeeps". It will will cover the SJ models exclusively. A follow volume will cover the MJ, and XJ models, and then the WJ and ZJs. No bobtails, just the other jeeps.