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 From: Karr Acord [mailto:cruiserk@fidalgo.net]
Rain Country Land Cruisers' had an eventful trail ride
this past weekend. We went up to check out the
Highrider trail in the Sultan Basin (just west of
Steven's pass if that means anything to you). 
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It's a fun little trail that winds up a mountain.
Mostly, we had a pretty good time. However, on the way
back we decided to explore a spur off the main trail,
near the top of the mountain to see where it went.
Except for quite a few spots with serious erotion
damage, it was a rather uneventful dirt road. 
I was driving the lead truck, and dropped down in a
rather deep erotion rut. When I came back up the other
side, I peered out my window and saw a board full of
nails attached to my tire. After putting the spare on,
someone pointed out there was another board full of
nails on the front passanger tire. It appears someone
planted the boards at the bottom of the rut, buried in
the dirt, business side up. I took 6 punchers on the
drivers side and 3 on the passanger side (2 where slow
leaks in the side wall).

Stephen Acord and Chris Wise, hiked the rest of the
trail dragging their feet to look for more tire traps.
They found a total of nine; all buried under the dirt,
and very hard to see.
We had a lot of opinions on why some sick puppy would
do something that dangerous and just plain mean.
Weather they were out to get four wheelers, logging
trucks, or just anyone they could screw with there's
no telling. If your wheeling in the Northwest (or
anywhere else for that matter) remember to pack plenty
o' tire plugs.

Wouldn't you know it, the first time I ever need mine,
I don't have them.
Mike Reardon
Seattle, WA