How to Mount Front License Plate on 2018 Jeep Wrangler

There are only two predrilled holes in all new Jeeps on the local lot. The back plate isn’t quite as accurate as the front plate. The OEM frame does not fully suit it. Line up the plate and frame with the front cover’s dimples. Because the holes were not pre-drilled, the plate would extend well below the front cover’s bottom. As a result, I raised it, designated the locations, drilled two holes, and installed my plate.

How do you put a front license plate on a jeep?

Screw the bracket into the bumper with a clockwise rotation. The license plate should be secured to the bracket with screws. Line up the holes on the license plate’s corners with the holes on the bracket’s corners after you has installed the bracket. To secure the license plate and complete installation, drive screws clockwise into the holes.

How do I put a front license plate without drilling the bumper?

At a minimum, you’ll have to drill holes in your painted front bumper cover; at worst, the plate will lie in front of your car’s perfectly crafted grille, obstructing its appearance and airflow.

How do I attach a front license plate?

Your vehicle must have license plates unless there are mitigating circumstances. For enthusiasts, though, these plate particularly the front ones can be a significant nuisance. Installing a front license plate on a car that didn’t come with one can need some costly changes. And that’s before we get into the aesthetic and other issues that can develop during the installation. If you purchase a secondhand car in a non front plate state and then register it in a front plate state.

This means not only causing damage to your vehicle, but also putting your safety sensors at risk. You may leave the plate on your dashboard, viewable via the windshield, rather than hammering it into your bumper. Only Washington, Florida, and Nevada, on the other hand, allows it. However, there is a nearly as simple alternative: purchasing a license plate holder. These holders, often known as ‘license plate mounts,’ are essentially independent brackets that aren’t attached to your bumper directly.

How to attach license plate to steel bumper

Simply pop rivet the license plate to a square of galvanized steel, and then pop rivet the mag light clips to the bracket, available at most good hardware stores. The difficulty with this method is that unless you lock the license plate in some way, it can be easily stolen. I used a length of 1/8″ cable to connect one corner of the plate to a bolt on the bumper.

How to install front license plate on jeep cherokee?

On the Bell stainless steel screws, I also utilized some washers I had hanging around. I just placed the Cruiser bracket, marked it, and punched a hole in the bumper with a centre punch. I slid a washer over each screw after drilling some decent-sized holes, and then screwed the bracket into the bumper. If all else fails and you need to drill holes in your front bumper to place your front license plate, make sure you have some safety glasses, a centre punch, and a countersink bit on hand before you begin.

1. Using a tape measure, determine the middle of your bumper.

2. Using a felt-tip pen or marker, mark the centre.

3. Place your license plate bracket in the centre of the bumper, or just the license plate itself if you don’t have one.

4. If you don’t want to use a bracket, mark the holes in the upper corners of your license plate on the bumper.

5. Use a power drill and a 0.32 cm or 18 inch drill bit to make shallow holes in the bumper. If your bumper is chrome, use a centre punch rather than a drill.

6. Drill through the bumper while keeping your drill perpendicular.

7. If any sharp metal burrs remain after drilling the holes, remove them using a countersink bit or another tool.

8. Line up the holes you just bored with the mounting holes on the bracket and screw the bracket and bumper together.

9. Place your license plate on the bracket and secure it with a screwdriver.

The four screws that hold the tag to the bracket are so close to the bumper that they barely touch it.

Is it possible to attach the front license plate to the dashboard?

“Some drivers may choose to put the front plate on their dashboard or attach it to the visor,” the Ticket Snipers website cautions. Unfortunately, failing to correctly affix a front license plate on a California-registered car is illegal.

How do you make a hole in the license plate on the front?

Holding the drill at a 90 degree angle and applying pressure to the drill while holding the license plate upright with your free hand, drill the first hole in your license plate. Carry on with the other three holes in the same way. Place your license plate on your front bumper’s license plate area.

Is it against the law to drive a car without a front license plate?

A front license plate is optional in 19 of the 50 states. A front and back license plate is required in the remaining 31 states, including Texas. Only the rear license plate is required to be displayed in every state that borders Texas.

What is a front license plates purpose?

Law enforcement can identify a car from both the front and back using front license plates. If you drive without a front plate in a state where it is required, you may be issued a “fix-it ticket” or a fine of up to $200, depending on the state.

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