How to Remove Center Console of Jeep Wrangler JK

If you’re experiencing difficulty getting everything over the Ebrake, on removing the factory console, follow these instructions. Remove the emergency brake’s (4) mounting nuts from the floor plate. Remove the front (2) nuts in their entirety, but leave the back (2) nuts in place. A couple rotations of the back (2) nuts with the right equipment and knowledge, the emergency brake cables can also be unhooked. It is held in place by four screws on each side, two in the back and two in the front. The remaining smaller screws have no bearing on the console’s stability.

Remove the screws, raise the emergency brake handle to its highest position, remove the shift lever and transfer case knobs, they pull straight off, If you have electric rear windows, there is a power coupling underneath the console. Not only must you remove the cubby in the back and the screws that hold it in place, but you must also loosen and remove the front bolt that holds down the parking brake. This helps you to get the console out with a little more clearance. You won’t be able to remove the console without first releasing the parking brake.

How do you remove the center console?

Set the parking brake and park the automobile on a level surface, Take everything out of the console’s cup holders and other storage spaces. The top part is held in place with a clip. Slide your fingers into the top part and gently push up and out. You’ll need to repeat this process until it’s loose all over. Remove the traction control harness from beneath the cup holder by lifting the top piece. Change gears to first or second. To manoeuvre it over the shift, lift the top piece and rotate it clockwise. Return the vehicle to the park position. Remove the rubber mat from the cubby and you’ll see two sets of different-sized bolts.

Remove the two smaller bolts using the 5/16 bit. The larger two require a special bit, which I didn’t have, so I had to use a gator grip and an extension on a drill to pull them out. Pay special attention to the two bolts in front of the shifter near the dash; I have no idea what size they are, so I removed them with the gator grip. Remove the harness from your body. Now you can remove the bottom component also known as the console’s rest. Lift the item out by shifting back into 1st or 2nd. Return the vehicle to its parking position. Congratulations, you have completed the task

How do you remove the center console from a 2016 and 2010 jeep wrangler?

Remove the seven pins that keep the front cup holder in place by lifting it up. Remove the front console base’s two T30 screws. Pull the console out by lifting it up from the back.

How do you remove a Jeep JK cup holder?

The tabs will start to release if you gently wiggle/lift up/down. Underneath the cup holder, there appears to be another plastic piece that keeps it in place.

How do I remove the center console from my jeep gladiator?

Both seats should be pulled forward. On both sides of the console, there are two plastic covers they are on the rear bottom. There will be screws underneath if you remove these. You should now be able to tilt the console upwards after removing the screws. The control-bearing surfaces in the middle of the front of the vehicle’s interior are referred to as the centre console or centre console. The word refers to the space beneath the dashboard that typically merges with the transmission tunnel that runs between the front driver’s and passenger’s seats in many automobiles. In front-wheel-drive vehicles without transmission tunnels, this control has traditionally been located where the two portions of the console and tunnel join, or at the rear-most end of the console in vehicles with a gear shift.

The gear stick is located in the front; more vertical area of the centre console in some modern cars particularly vans to be within greater reach of the driver without the need for a long stalk installed on the steering column. In addition to the more typical usage as a surface for instruments e.g., exterior temperature display and controls, centre consoles are increasingly incorporating a broad variety of storage compartments and cup holders, some of which contain a refrigerator car audio.

Certain vehicles have a separate rear centre console with entertainment and climate controls as well as possible display screens and air vents, auxiliary power outlets, and, in some cases, window controls if they are not located in the doors for example, in the Ford Sierra. An ashtray is another aspect, albeit it is becoming less popular. For the comfort of back passengers, several automobiles and SUVs include warming vents in the centre console.

Everyday Objects Storage

To make up for the lack of storage space, get your hands on a replacement Jeep JK centre console. Our centre consoles are designed to fit perfectly between the front seats of your Jeep, giving you the storage space you require. Electronics, munchies, tools, CDs, maps, and just about everything else you bring with you may all be stored in our centre consoles. Don’t forget that a central console with enormous cup holders is available for your morning coffee or extra-sized drink.

Is it possible to lock the centre console on a Jeep Wrangler?

Because the standard console lacks a unique key, it can be opened with any regular key, and anyone over the age of 12 can simply pull it open. Although the standard lock is better than nothing, it offers little security against thieves.

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