How to Remove Soft Top of Jeep Wrangler

How to remove soft top of jeep wrangler

What good is a Jeep Wrangler JK if you can’t switch between soft and hard tops? Either one is standard on the Wrangler. You almost certainly have a soft top if you have a hard top; but, just because you have a soft top does not mean you have a hard top. This article will assist you with removing the soft top from your vehicle in order to install the hard top. Continue reading to learn how to remove the soft top from your Jeep Wrangler JK and replace it with a hard top.

Step 1: Unlatch the roof locks

The roof latches that keep the roof in place must be unlatched. You should have one in front of the driver, one in front of the passenger, and one on either side; all you have to do now is slide them forward.

Step 2: Remove the windows

Velcro and zippers hold the back side panes in place. Simply unzip the zippers and pull the Velcro up. Fold the side windows while storing them to avoid fractures and folds. Unzip the two zippers on each side of the back window all the way up before folding it up. When you fold the window all the way up in the Jeep, you may secure it with the straps.

Step 3: Fold the soft top

To release the top, pull it backwards from the side tab on the driver’s side. As the top descends, guide it into place and fold it. Jeeps appeal to drivers of all stripes as one of the world’s most flexible vehicles. Their convertible feature is one of the features that distinguish them. Whether it’s a soft or hard top, all Jeep Wranglers have removable tops. Changing your original top for an aftermarket one can improve the driving and passenger experience. These popular add-ons come in a variety of styles and materials, and they’re made for certain driving activities.

How to remove soft top from 2018 jeep wrangler?

You must fold the soft top all the way down to remove it entirely. To secure the bars on each side, use the velcro straps that came with the jeep. Then, on each side, remove two screws that hold the frame to the roll bar. It will be difficult to align the screw hold and reattach the soft top if the spring loaded bars are not strapped in the “top down” position.

How do you completely remove 2021 jeep soft top?

Unhook the straps at the back of the Jeep and pull the soft top to the back. Your Jeep’s soft top has been removed, leaving you with an exposed roof.

How do you completely remove 2018 jeep soft top?

The back windows should be removed first. Then fold the top all the way down and secure it the soft top has a sliding lock on either side where it mounts to the roll cage. Then, on each side, unscrew the two bolts that connect the top of the roll cage to the mounting on the back of the cage. Remove the lid (here is where having a second person helps). The door surrounds are then removed by unscrewing four bolts on each side of the Jeep. The bolts run the length of the roll bar and are located on the underside.

How to take the soft top off a 2019 jeep wrangler?

Unhooking two on each side is required. It’s not easy because they do a good job of “sealing” your soft top to the Jeep body. Simply jam your finger underneath and pull up while pressing down firmly on the top edge – this will help the bottom spring out.

To remove the Jeep soft top completely, you’ll need these tools

If you know what you’re doing, removing a soft top from a Jeep isn’t difficult. It’s possible that all you’ll need is an extra pair of hands to complete the task properly.

Is the top of every Jeep removable?

Their convertible feature is one of the features that distinguish them. Whether it’s a soft or hard top, all Jeep Wranglers have removable tops.

Is it possible to convert a soft-top Jeep to a hard-top vehicle?

There is a way to convert a soft-top Jeep to a hard-top Jeep. The soft top frame, as well as the door surrounds, will need to be removed which will only require unbolting, which are more bolts to lose.

Overview of the JK Soft Top

The Jeep soft top, which can be removed or replaced in a matter of minutes, is arguably the most popular form of top. You won’t even need a friend’s assistance! They’re made of durable materials that keep the elements out and allow drivers to open them when the weather permits or not, if they’re feeling daring. Installing and customizing the soft top is easier than the hard top. Roll-back sunroofs, storage compartments, variable materials, and skin colours are standard on the majority of models. While they offer adequate weather protection, they are not intended for use in more harsh regions. Their soft materials can’t keep out the cold like hardtops can. When travelling at high speeds, wind noise can become a problem. Hard tops, on the other hand, are substantially more expensive.

Is it possible to install a hardtop on a Jeep that has a soft top?

Yes, you may install a hard top on any Jeep as long as the hard top is designed for your Jeep’s year and model. We strongly discourage you from installing a hard top over your existing soft top. Hardtops are built to blend in with the body of your Jeep. Soft tops are designed in the same way as hard tops, notwithstanding their flexibility. If you try to install a hard top over a soft top, you’ll most likely damage the soft top as well as the hardware that keeps it in working order.

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