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Do I Need a Tire Cover for My Jeep Wrangler

Do I Need a Tire Cover for My Jeep Wrangler

When you acquired the Jeep, it might have already had one dangling from the tyre. Maybe you saw one on the Jeep Wrangler in front of you this morning and loved the look.Whatever the case may be, owning a spare tyre cover entails far more than simply draping a canvas over the tyre protruding from the rear.

When you acquired your Jeep or SUV, it might have already had a spare tyre cover attached. And while it may have been fine at the moment, the more you think about it, the more you realize you need something else. Maybe you don’t mind if your Jeep or SUV doesn’t come with a spare tyre cover and all. Spare tyre covers are provided for a variety of purposes. One argument is that a spare tyre cover will round off your vehicle’s appearance.

What Is the Purpose of having a Spare Tire Cover?

There are several reasons why you should get a tyre cover for your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator, including improved aesthetics and tyre protection. The following are the four most important reasons to buy a spare tyre cover:


Because it’s easier to remove than the other tyres, your spare tyre is subject to theft. While wheel locks provide additional security, the spare tyre cover totally conceals the spare. Thieves will be deterred since removing your spare tyre cover requires significantly more effort and tools, reducing the risk of your spare tyre being stolen.

Protection from the elements and ultraviolet light

The sun’s UV rays and harsh weather can damage the rubber in your spare tyre over time, causing it to split and become dangerous to drive on. You won’t be able to utilize your spare tyre securely when you need it the most if it has cracks. That’s why investing in a UV-resistant wheel cover is a smart option, as it will save you from having to replace the spare too soon and ensure that it is always ready to use.

Additional Personalization

More customization options for your Jeep to match your taste are always a bonus, and you’ll be able to do just that with the spare tyre covers, which come in a variety of styles and designs. Covers for jeeps are designed in a variety of ways.

Jeep spare tyre covers come in a variety of colors and designs, including the classic Jeep logo as well as alternative possibilities. Choose from a variety of patterns that highlight a variety of hobbies and other interests. Purchase an anti-theft spare tyre cover, which is put over the spare tyre and then zippered shut.

When ordering, simply choose the tyre size that fits your Jeep. As you drive down the road in quest of adventure, the various pattern and style possibilities give an appealing touch to your Jeep. With one of these fantastic tyre cover designs, you can protect your spare tyre from the elements and hide an eyesore hanging off the back of your vehicle.

For my Jeep Wrangler, what size spare tyre cover do I require?

For your Jeep Wrangler’s 245/75-17 spare tyre, I have a couple different tyre covers to choose from. You can use part # RA773215 for black or part # RA783235 for black with access hole to show wheel because the total diameter of the spare tyre you have is roughly 31.5″. The Rampage spare tyre covers appeal to me the most because they appear to be the sturdiest and fade-resistant.

Why or why not do you use a spare tyre cover?

I used to rotate my Jeeps every other oil change when I owned them. This was always the best method for me because it ensured that the wear patterns on all 5 tyres were consistent. As a result, I got rid of the spare tyre cover because it was too much work to put back on every time, and I believed the same tyre didn’t stay on the back long enough to do any severe UV damage. I would have left the cover on to provide some sun protection if I didn’t have 5 identical rims and wasn’t planning on putting the spare into the rotation.

Tires actually have a shelf life, but we usually use them up much before that.It’s one thing to grow old, but it’s quite another to be subjected to UV light. If you leave your spare tyre in the garage, it will age at the same pace as the tyres on the road, but it will be protected from UV damage. The spare tyre remains in the same position throughout the day, with the sun beating down straight on the top and sidewalls.

Are Jeep tire covers necessary?

Your spare tyre will be exposed to a lot of hot sun if you don’t protect it properly, which you won’t be able to avoid. This exposure, over time, can cause cracks in the sidewall and degrade the rubber, causing damage to your tyre. It ruins the structural integrity of your spare tyre.

What is the purpose of a spare tire cover?

Anti-sun protection A spare tyre installed to your car is exposed to a lot of UV radiation, which can deteriorate the rubber tyre and wear away the rim finish. The tyre is protected with a spare tyre cover that blocks harmful rays.

How do you secure a spare tire cover?

Protect your tyre cover against theft with this hardware. Your extra tier cover will be protected by a strong and durable coated cable and a high-quality corrosion-free Master lock.

How do you rotate 5 tires?

Rotate the tyres in a forward cross pattern on front-wheel-drive autos with full-size matching spare. Rotate the tyres in a rearward cross pattern on rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles with full-size matching spare.