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There’s a notch or something in them, hold the mirror in two hands (so it doesn’t bang into the window) and firmly push. When you push it in, you’ll feel it, and when you swing it out, it’ll come to a complete halt. They’re likely “break-away” mirrors. If you get too close to anything, this should fold and spring back. However, given the age of the mirror springs, you’re very likely to shatter one. To assist reduce damaging, the side vision mirrors on your vehicle fold back (and forwards). When parking in a confined space, utilising an automatic car wash, or on a busy roadway, it’s a smart idea to fold them back. Manually fold back the sideview mirrors by grabbing them from outside the vehicle and pulling them back or forth until they slip into place.

They unquestionably fold. With the top off, I put on a cab cover, but I had to fold the mirrors in to make it fit better. Just make sure you don’t touch the glass when folding them in, otherwise you’ll have to adjust them every time. The mirrors on the left and right sides will simply twist in to the perfect place if you grip them and twist them in.

A jeep can be driven without doors, but it must have at least one mirror. You’ll need to look up state legislation to find out what rules apply to your Jeep’s door and mirrors. In your Jeep, you can’t avoid mirrors. At least one location must be setup. The issue is that these laws vary by state. If a nearby state doesn’t allow doorless Jeeps, for example, you’ll have a difficult time crossing state lines.

Rather, the laws specify that a particular number of mirrors must be present in order for a vehicle to be considered street legal. However, if the state only allows one mirror and your Jeep has one without a door, it is lawful. However, you must be sure to look into local legislation after looking into state rules. Cities, like states, have their own regulations regarding riding without doors and mirrors. A few states in the United States need at least one mirror, according to state statutes.

• Alabama

• Indiana

• Illinois

• Oregon

• Texas

Other states may require two mirrors, while others may need both mirrors and doors. The main fact is that driving a doorless Jeep or a Jeep with only one mirror is a dangerous proposition, and you must exercise extreme caution when negotiating highways without doors.

It takes a bit of time and hard work to install these mirrors, and it’s well beneficial to keep your Jeep safe and legal on the road.

1. Attach the mirror head to the arm with a six-inch diameter bolt. This is what will allow you to move the mirror around and keep it firmly in place while driving over the bumpy trails.

2. Replace the old bolts with new ones. Use a flat washer as well as the new bracket while doing this. Your mirror will not stay on to for a while if you don’t use these two tools needed to properly tighten the bolts.

3. Finally, install the bushings, align the holes, slide the assembly into the bracket, and screw on the threaded knob.


Many people enjoy off-roading as a fun. Off-roading, as the name implies, entails trying to drive your vehicle on surfaces other than paved streets, such as wooded trails, gravel, and a variety of other surfaces. The driver and passengers can feel the wind as they drive through muddy trails and rocky roads because the doors are removable.

Side Mirrors with Power Folding

• They allow the driver to adjust the side mirror position from inside the vehicle.

• If preferred, they can be folded flat manually.

• For all-weather driving comfort, EX and higher models have heated side mirrors.

• For better visibility, those models include integrated turn indicators.

• The mirrors have been designed for aerodynamic efficiency in order to minimize wind noise.

Side Mirror Relocation

Step 1: Remove the doors

The removal of the mirrors is, of course, contingent on the removal of the doors. It all depends on what you consider to be the most convenient option. You can remove the mirror in the privacy of your own home if you remove the doors. Make a little slack in the power cord by pulling it. For the time being, simply hang the mirror from the cord.

Step 2: Remove the mirror glass

Bring the glass up to the mirror’s heat symbol. The two star screws will now be removed as a result of this action. Start by removing that bolt as well by trying to push the mirror to the opposite side. Now it should be able to extract the assembly from the casing. The heating plugs must be removed. This will free it up from the power cord to some extent. Place tabs in place and twist with a flathead screwdriver. Detach the wire harness with the same screwdriver as before.

Step 3: Reattach the mirror and stow the power cord

A zip tie attaches the power source to the mirror. Simply slide it down the cord to free your mirror from the cord. To avoid the cables from falling in, wrap it behind the doors and fasten it with a cable ties band all around location socket. Screw the stems and engine component into the container before reinstalling the glass. After that, the glass will snap back into its original position.

Step 4: Mount the mirror to the body by attaching it to the bracket

Follow the instructions on the mounting brackets to attach them to the mirror. Attach to the Jeep Wrangler’s bodywork.

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