How to Remove Jeep Wrangler Torx Bolts

While Torx bolts serve a function in life, there are instances when they should not be utilized. If you’ve ever encountered a corroded Torx bolt (they actually refer to it as a screw) that simply will not budge, you’ve probably also had the pleasure of stripping one out. Now you’re left in a state of frustration, unsure how you’re going to extract the bolt without damaging the threads. Without even mentioning the topics below, the base of the Jeep roll bar, which connects to the floor of the later CJ-7 roll bar, is a perfect example of this.

You can attempt to remove the roll bar in order to perform some floor work and may be unable to do so due to the Torx bolts slipping out of the hole, probably stripped, and the threads on the back being heavily rusted. You can purchase some.75-inch OD nuts and simply welded them on to the top of the bolts as straight as possible, allowing them to cool for a few minutes before hitting them with an impact wrench.

If you do not have access to a welder, the following tips may be helpful

If the head has not been stripped, heat the Torx bolt head until it is scorching hot with a blow torch. Nothing should be ignited near the bolt. To begin, examine beneath the vehicle or on the backside of the bolt, avoiding flammable heating cables, fuel lines, or anything else. If required, use a heat shield. Additionally, paint is flammable. Then, after it has been warmed up, attempt to back it out. Heat expands metal, which can dislodge rust from bolt threads. Occasionally, a dab of normal candle wax on the heated threads can be beneficial.

If the head has been stripped, use an angle grinder to flatten and parallel the opposing sides of the Torx head, as opposed to the opposing sides of a bolt head. Once again, heat and wax on the threads can be really beneficial. As a last resort, wipe out the sombich and replace it with a genuine bolt, such as a grade 8 bolt with a nut and lock washer on the rear side.

The most effective technique for removing stripped Torx bolts

I cut a horizontal line through the Torx bolt towards the end (kind of like making a flat blade screw driver slot, but it goes all the way across). Then I soaked the bolt in pb blaster, inserted a large flat blade screwdriver at an angle into the slot, and pounded it with a hammer to get it moving.

To extract them, I utilized drills. In fact, I had a stripped tailgate hinge bolt that screwed into the tailgate after I drilled the head off. For the next time, I’d suggest a left-handed drill. Before attempting an easy out, it is recommended that you drill completely through a broken bolt. This alleviates the threads of tension. The simplest approach to remove them is to never strip them. I’ve discovered that a hand ratchet increases my chances of inserting a bit at an angle. Rather than that, I’ve never used an impact driver to strip one. If you can afford one, the purchase is well worth it when you consider the hours saved troubleshooting stripped bolts.

I recently went through this with a bolt from a water pump. There was no solution. Even after welding three nuts to the end, they all fell off. Nothing, not even heat or vice grips, could dislodge it. If you’re able to pull off the welding, it’s a fantastic trick. If not, you’ll need to mark dead center with a punch and gradually drill it up until it chips out, at which point you’ll be able to chase the threads and maybe resurrect them.

How to remove a stripped 12 point bolt?

The final option is to drill it out. Irwin manufactures a bolt extractor socket, but I’m not sure it’ll work. Finally, I located a 12-point 14mm long impact socket that easily loosened one of the remaining bolts. I’m not sure what caused this bolt to get so frozen. Additionally, given how frozen it is, I have my doubts that the bolt extractor indicated above will be able to catch it and remove it.

How to remove stuck torxbolt?

The screws are most likely snug due to the usage of thread locker. They will spin straight out if you apply heat. On little screws, the best method I’ve discovered is to heat the screwdriver or other metal object and then contact it to the top of the screws and hold it there. You may need to reheat several times; I would try removing the screw after 15 seconds. It normally takes no more than that, and it protects the rest of the knife from being damaged by the heat.

How to remove stripped seat belt bolt?

You might be able to carve a slot across the fastening head using a Dremel with a thin cutoff wheel and then back it out with a screwdriver. Take care not to sever the skull completely. If you do, you will need to drill a small spiral screw extractor into the bolt shank.

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