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How to Remove Splash Guard of Jeep Wrangler

How to remove splash guard jeep wrangler

Cut the head off the clip with a pair of diagonal cutters wedged between the clip and the liner.Remove the push connectors with an auto trim tool. It resembles a screwdriver with a fork attached at the end. Simply pry them out without hurting the connecters. It’s more about aerodynamics than it is about protection. Remove two bottom screws and pin clips from the bottom of the bumper.

How do you take the plastic out of a Jeep Wrangler?

It is not necessary to remove the bumper in order to remove the filling plate. It can be finagled out to the side once those two retainers are removed. Although removing the grill is beneficial, the bumper can be left in place. To remove those stubborn push pins, use this simple no-drill method. Use a drywall screw or any other pointed type screw to drive a hole in the middle of the pin, then pull it out with your preferred pliers. You can then reuse them instead of buying new ones.

How do you remove a Jeep Wrangler JL bumper?

Remove the two plastic clips that hold the top bumper cover in place. Remove the front bumper harness from the frame rail on the passenger side. To remove both lower skid plate bolts, use a 13mm socket. Remove the bumper mounting bolts with an 18mm Socket. All easy plastic rivets just pop up the middle piece of the rivets and the rest should slide out easy. Remove the plastic gap trim between the bumper and the grill on top and the lower air damn. Disconnect the fog light wiring harness from the frame rail on the passenger side. Remove the 8 bumper nuts and slide the bumper off the frame.

To get to the hooks, you’ll need to totally disassemble the bumper; there’s a metal core inside that the fog light wire harness, lights, and all of the plastic trim are linked to with either screws or plastic rivets, so remove everything you see. The frame bolts are forced into the tow hooks, and there are retaining clips that you must break out to get the metal core out, then the hooks.

How do you take off a Jeep hard cover?

Start by taking out the front panels. The two front panels are held together by six latches, three in the front and three in the back. Remove the sun visors to access the latches behind them. Unlatch all six latches by going around and around. Lift up on the driver’s side panel to remove it once the latches are unhooked, and do the same with the passenger’s side panel. Let’s start from the top and work our way backwards. Each corner requires the removal of two T40 Torx bolts. We can now move to the back with those two bolts removed!

On each side of the hardtop, underneath the glass, there are three T40 Torx bolts from the factory. We had already replaced the factory hardware on our JK Wrangler with Lange Originals Kwick Hardtop Fasteners, which have a wingnut design and can be easily removed by hand without the use of tools. By replacing the OEM bolts with Lange Originals, the hardtop may be removed more quickly in the future.

Simply unscrew those bolts to get rid of the stock hardware.Remove the electrical connection by pressing on it and pulling it off once all of the bolts have been removed it is strongly advised that you should not attempt to remove the back part by yourself. Lift from the centre of the top and pull back once you’ve gotten some assistance. That concludes the procedure. When your Jeep Wrangler hardtop isn’t in use, make sure it’s kept in a safe and secure location. Simply reverse the process when you’re ready to install the hardtop again. Above all, have fun when you’re out on the trails.


Last but not least, it is possible to remove the Jeep hardtop on your own, though this is not recommended. However, removing a hardtop by yourself is both difficult and dangerous. The hardtop’s weight can be handled by one person, but its bulky size plus the way you’d have to lift it out by yourself puts you in a potentially perilous situation. To remove the Jeep’s hardtop, you’ll either need a lift or a friend. Again, just because jeep hardtop removal by one person is physically feasible does not mean it should be done.

The only difficulty is that you must first remove your hardtop. It doesn’t have to be difficult to remove the hardtop on a Jeep. You can remove your Wrangler top in no time with just a few tools and the assistance of a friend. Easy removal isn’t one of the numerous advantages of having a Wrangler hardtop.

How do you remove a jeep stock bumper?

The more you take your Jeep Wrangler off-road, the more the external parts will be scraped and broken. Fortunately, the Jeep Wrangler is designed to make it simple to remove and replace these components. The bumper of the Wrangler is one of the most commonly scuffed components. The front bumper is simple to remove and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Remove the protective plastic shield

Remove the six rubber grommets that are holding your Jeep’s front plastic shield in place. With your Phillips screwdriver, you can remove them.

Bumper bolts should be taken out

Remove the eight bolts that keep the bumper in place. Because the bumper will fall forward when you remove the bolts, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a buddy. Remove the eight bolts running the length of the bumper using your 18mm socket.

Bumper removal

With the assistance of a friend, just lift the bumper off. Make sure it’s protected from scratching by placing it on towels or something like.