How to tow a rear wheel drive car

If you own a car with rear wheel drive, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to the topic of “how do I tow my car.” Many factors can affect your vehicle while driving if it’s towing, so safety and preparation should come before anything else. Generally speaking, there are two types of tow dollies: 3 wheel and 4 wheel which might help you decide. You can buy a tow dolly from a third party or purchase a new or used trailer that is specific for towing. Once you choose the type of tow dolly you want and bring it home, all you need to do is attach it to your vehicle and go on your way.

Understand the importance of proper towing methods

Towing a rear-wheel drive vehicle is as easy as hooking up the tow bar and driving. The only difference is that you must be extra careful while driving to prevent the tires from spinning and causing damage to your transmission or drivetrain.

Make sure that your car is equipped with a tow package. If it doesn’t have one, then get one installed before you tow it.

Towing a rear-wheel drive vehicle can be done by anyone who knows how to use a handbrake properly. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you tow your vehicle:

  • The tires should be inflated to the maximum supported pressure level.
  • The transmission should be placed in neutral position before starting towing process.

Determine if your car can be towed

You can use a regular tow truck to tow a front wheel drive car, but it’s not easy. The front axle is very close to the car’s center of gravity, so you’ll have to lift the vehicle onto the flatbed, which makes it more prone to tipping over when you’re driving down the road.

The best way to tow a front wheel drive car is with a dolly or axle trailer, which allows you to pull the axle off the ground and move it out of harm’s way while transporting it. If your car is rear-wheel drive, you’ll need a flatbed truck, which has the bed behind the cab and cab in front of the bed.

Know common towing methods

The first step in towing a rear-wheel drive car is to make sure that the vehicle has been converted to a front-wheel drive configuration. If it hasn’t been converted, then you will need to remove the front wheels and axle before you can tow it.

The most common way to tow a rear-wheel drive vehicle is by using a tow dolly. A tow dolly replaces the front axle of your car and allows you to mount a trailer hitch on it. This makes it easier to attach the car to a truck or other large vehicle that has a hitch.

To tow with a tow dolly, follow these steps:

  • Remove the tires from your car. You must do this so that they will not interfere with the frame of your vehicle while being towed.
  • Attach the tow dolly axle housing to your car’s frame at two points near each end (one on each side). Use bolts and nuts or welds if necessary.
  • Tie down any loose items inside of your car such as luggage or clothing. These items could become dangerous projectiles if they become loose during travel on rough roads or around corners, especially if they strike an occupant in the head area because they will be traveling at high speeds while being towed by another vehicle

Choose between a flatbed truck or a standard trailer

Towing a rear wheel drive car is different from towing other types of vehicles. A tow truck or flatbed truck is required for towing a rear wheel drive vehicle. The tow truck lifts the front end of the car off of the ground and transports it to wherever you need to go.

When choosing between a flatbed truck and a standard trailer, consider how much you will be able to put in your truck bed. If you are not going to be hauling large items, such as furniture or appliances, then a standard trailer may be sufficient. However, if you plan on hauling larger items then a flatbed truck may be more suitable.

Prep you car for towing

Towing a car with the rear wheels on the ground is called “towing dolly towing” and it’s a popular way to move a vehicle while you’re working on it.

A tow dolly is a flatbed trailer that can be used to tow a vehicle behind another vehicle. The rear wheels are off the ground, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your vehicle’s drivetrain or tires.

The benefits of using a tow dolly include:

  • Ability to work on your car without damaging its drivetrain or tires
  • Easier installation of aftermarket parts like exhaust systems, suspension kits and body kits


If you are towing your vehicle on a rear wheel drive, make sure that you keep yourself informed and detailed on what you can and cannot do with that car. Keep the weight distributed evenly throughout the vehicle and behind your tow truck. Make sure not to exceed the maximum speed for your vehicle, and always remember to respect posted warnings and signs!