Where is the XM Antenna on a Jeep Wrangler

Where is the SiriusXM Antenna Located?

To receive satellite radio, a specific antenna is required. Your typical car radio antenna will not suffice, as satellite radio and FM radio do not operate on the same frequency bands. To receive the strongest signal, point the home antenna straight south toward the SiriusXM satellites.It’s on the passenger side, inside the roll bar padding, and directly over the sound bar’s speaker. It receives a signal through either top;thus, it is not need to be put outside.I suppose the satellite antenna is not a component of your radio antenna. Probably mounted someplace on the roll bar. I installed an aftermarket Sirius satellite radio and an antenna on the spare tyre. That way, regardless of the type of roof I install, I avoid tampering with it.

Hard Mount

This antenna is a genuine Mopar OEM item. It is designed to be mounted on the roll bar of your Jeep. Drilling is not required because the factory has already drilled a hole for this antenna to readily mount. For ease of installation, a screw and a silver clip are included.

Soft Mount;

It comprises the components which are as follows:

Aftermarket SiriusXM Antenna – Mounts magnetically to the exterior of the Jeep and connects to the multiplexer supplied. The SiriusXM satellite radio signal is picked up by this receiver.Aftermarket GPS Antenna – Magnetically attaches to the interior of the Jeep, directly beneath the dash top, under the windshield. Connects via the multiplexer provided. The GPS antenna is essential in order to maintain the radio’s compass functionality.


Combines both antennas and connects to the backside of your factory radio through the yellow FAKRA connector.


I was able to transfer my XM antenna to the space up by the top front right-hand side of the windshield, behind the plastic roll bar cover in the corner, after some thinking and looking about.

To remove that particular piece of plastic, you must first remove your sun visor (T-20 bit), followed by the plastic rivet that secures it to the A pillar (using a small Philips screwdriver, and needle nose pliers). Following that, with a downward tug on the roll bar, the corner plastic piece simply pulls away. I snapped some photos to illustrate where to attach it and what to remove. Additionally, I’ve seen how-to videos on YouTube.

I should clarify that in order to relocate your antenna, you will need to remove your hard top or at the very least undo all the mounting nuts and prop/tilt the front part up about a foot or so. I angled mine upward at the front and secured it with a 12″ piece of 2×8 under the front lip while I accessed the XM antenna.Yes, the line of sight must be direct to the satellite. It is completely dependent on the density of the material, whether it be plastic or fabric. Anything metallic, even a gum wrapper, is prohibited from being placed over the antenna.

  • After removing the hard top, unzip the right-hand piece of the roll bar pad on the right side of the speaker bar to reveal the metal corner roll bar bracket that houses the XM antenna.
  • Remove the roll bar bracket with a 13mm socket, then the 10mm bolt that secures the antenna clamp.
  • Squeeze the three tabs and push the antenna clamp through the hole. Additionally, you will need to unplug the antenna cable so that it can be fed through the hole and the antenna can be removed from the bracket. I removed the screws on the right side of the speaker bar and loosened the screws on the left side to allow the right side of the speaker bar to fall slightly to gain access to the XM antenna connector. I’m not certain you’ll be required to do so, but I was.
  • Reinstall the bracket and zip up the padding, and then the hard top may be reinstalled. Once you’ve removed the antenna, you’ll also need to remove the trim on the right side of the passenger area (the floor/threshold trim and the B pillar) to have access to the antenna cable.
  • After removing all of the B pillar and floor/threshold trim, just follow the course of the XM antenna line, remove the clips and tape retaining the antenna wire clips, and gather the wire to relocate it to the front region.

Additionally, I removed the glove box and right-side dash trim and routed the wire up behind the A pillar plastic trim to the location above where the upper plastic roll bar cover piece goes. Re-install all floor/threshold and B pillar trim once the wiring has been re-routed. I then secured the XM antenna into the cavity in the roll bar cover piece using some gorilla adhesive (see pictures). Reconnect the antenna wire, then replace the roll bar trim piece and sun visor.

Where is the XM antenna on a 2020 Jeep Wrangler?

It’s located on the passenger side, within the roll bar padding, and directly over the sound bar’s speaker.

Where is the XM antenna on a 2018 Jeep Wrangler?

It’s located on the passenger side, inside the roll bar padding, and directly over the sound bar’s speaker.

‘Do Jeep Wranglers have antennas?

External Antennas are typically put on your jeep’s trunk or bonnet. For greater durability, they are built of metal or fiberglass. Generally, they provide superior reception to internal antennas.

How do you remove an XM antenna?

Between the headliner and the roof lies a nut. Typically, you can simply pop out the headliner and reach inside, going from the back to the front. Simply unscrew the nut and disconnect the wiring to remove the antenna from the roof.