Will Jeep Wrangler Wheels Fit a Toyota Tundra

Bolt pattern on the Toyota Tundra is iS5 X150 mm. While the most of Jeeps have five lugs, the space between the lugs varies by model. The jeep and ford wheel’s compatibility are usually determined by the year of production. For example, a rim from a 1997 Jeep Wrangler will fit a 93 Ford Mustang with two-wheel drive.

• Jeep Wranglers have five bolts that keep the wheels in place, although the measurements between the bolts vary slightly depending on the model. The lug pattern and hub centre bore are same on all JKs and JLs, but the stud diameters varied slightly.

• Tire sizes 255/70 R18 and 275/65 R18 are available on Tundras. R20s are available as special packages for truck owners who requires major wheels.

• When it comes to aftermarket rims, the bolt pattern isn’t a concern. Because our hubs are larger than standard, there are fewer rims available than for automobiles with smaller hubs.If a rim fits a Tundra, it should fit any other vehicle with the same backspacing.

Top Wheels for Toyota Tundra


The 8-spoke Black Rhino Sierra Wheels are for you if you drive a lot on rocky roads and across all kinds of tough terrain. This is a popular style among Tundra owners, and it’s available in a gleaming, gloss black colour. These Sierra Wheels, which are available in a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt design for Tundras from 2003 to 2006, are built of toughened aluminum alloy to withstand harsh pathways, so if you’re regularly loading or transporting stuff through dirt roads, these wheels will survive the distance.


Enkei ST6 Wheels are designed for minimalists that like a clean, yet attractive, look. With the range of finishes available, you can get the best of both worlds in terms of design and utility with this 6-spoke rim. Enkei truck and SUV wheels are robustly crafted from one-piece aluminum to last through time.


Fuel Assault Wheels are stylish and elegant, and they’ll look excellent on your Tundra if you prefer being the centre of attention. They have a deep, concave form that sets them apart from other Tundras. Each Assault rim claims to have the robustness of your Toyota and comes in a 6 x 135mm dual bolt design and a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern. These wheels, which are made of one-piece aluminum, are tough and light where it counts.


Fuel Vapor Wheels aren’t joking around when it comes to their boldness. Fuel Vapor rims are a perfect match for your Toyota Tundra if you want to let your inner beast loose every now and then. Each wheel has a unique 12-spoke design, and the lip embellishments offer even more elegance to your truck.


Method Grid Rims are perfect for anyone who enjoys a split-spoke look on their wheel. You and your Tundra will be unstoppable in a set of these with a 6-spoke design and the finish of your choice. The Method Grid Rim has a distinctive design that provides your Tundra a bold attitude, with a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern and a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern.


Split-spoke design and low-pressure casting provide unrivalled strength in the Pro Comp 31 Wheels. Their lightweight aluminum alloy construction is ideal for your Tundra if speed is a goal. A single bolt pattern of 6 x 139.70mm or 5 x 150mm is available. This 8-spoke wheel has a machined-accent appearance that goes well with your Toyota.


RBP is no stranger to the off-road scene, and their wheels never let them down. RBP 94R Chrome & Black Wheels will be in the same boat. These two-tone rims have a chrome surface with glossy black spoke inserts, giving your tyres a contrasting look. These wheels are available in a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern for Toyota Tundras from 2007 to now. These 8-spoke, off-road-approved wheels, with their durable, lightweight aluminum construction and 3,200-pound load rating per wheel, give you the freedom to enjoy both the rugged terrain and the carpool lane if you use your Tundra for just about everything.


When you drive a Tundra, you want a wheel that is both durable and strong. RBP Glock Wheels are made to stand out and are built to perform on and off the road. In a gloss black or chrome finish, their unusual split, 10-spoke form is recognized. You can trust RBP Glock Wheels, which are available in a 5 x 150mm single bolt pattern for Toyota Tundras from 2007 to today.


The Vision 375 Rims are no exception, with a moniker like Warrior Wheels. They have a tough look thanks to their stepped lip, and their strong construction makes them ideal for both street and off-road use. This 8-spoke rim comes in a 5 x 150mm single bolt design and a 6 x 139.70mm single bolt pattern, and it’s more than just a pretty face. It’ll give your Tundra the strength it needs.


With seven split, accentuated spokes in contrast finishes, the aluminum alloy Vision 399 Fury Wheels provide a striking look. These wheels provide the fusion you need if you’re frequently switching between smooth pavement and rugged terrain, with an intense and rough design to compliment off-road trucks. Even when you’ve raised your vehicle or have bigger tyres, there’s a size to fit your Tundra.

What wheels on a Jeep can be swapped out?

Compatibility of Jeep Wheels, you’ll also want to keep track of the bolt pattern and lug size on your vehicle. In terms of wheels, the YJ and TJ Wranglers, JK and JL Wranglers, are cross-compatible.

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