How to break the club steering wheel lock

It is unfortunate that some drivers out there are considered irresponsible by others. In very rare cases people may choose to use a club in order to steer their vehicle. This is not only discouraged but illegal as well. A person needs to be able to control their vehicle whenever they are driving it, and this can be done through the traditional steering wheel on any car.

There are a number of different locking devices that you can use in order to keep your vehicle safe from theft

The most common one is the steering wheel lock. These locks are designed to prevent thieves from being able to easily take the steering wheel off of your car and hotwire it. This can make it very difficult for them to steal your vehicle.

There are many different types of steering wheel locks available, but they all work in pretty much the same way. The key is inserted into the lock, which then turns and opens up a slot on the inside where it can be pushed down into place by the thief’s hands when trying to remove the wheel from its post.

Locate the steering wheel lock

The lock will be located on the left side of your steering wheel, under the cover. It should be approximately 1 inch from the top of the steering wheel and in between two spokes of the wheel. Take off the cover by pulling up on it with your hands. Pulling straight up is best because this will prevent you from breaking any clips or buttons that hold it in place.

If there are any buttons or clips holding down the cover, push them down and away from the cover with a flathead screwdriver so that they no longer hold it in place. Pull out what looks like a pin inside the lock itself by turning it counterclockwise until it comes out completely. The pin should come out easily if you have already pulled up on the cover enough to expose it properly.

Placement of the steering wheel lock

The steering wheel lock is one of the most popular security devices for motor vehicles. It is used to secure the steering wheel in place, preventing thieves from being able to turn it and move the car. The steering wheel lock is placed on the steering column of a vehicle and secured with a key or a combination.

There are different types of steering wheel locks available for purchase at most automotive stores. There are also different ways that these locks can be used. Some people choose to use them as an additional form of security while others choose to use them as their primary method of protection against thieves and other criminals.

The placement of your steering wheel lock is important when trying to prevent theft of your vehicle. In order to prevent this type of crime from occurring, it’s important that you know where best to place your lock so that it is not easily accessible by anyone who might want to steal your car or truck.

Items needed to break a steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a device used to prevent the steering wheel from being turned, thus preventing the car from moving. The most common type of steering wheel lock is activated by inserting a key into the lock, which then allows you to turn the steering wheel freely. Other types of steering wheel locks are activated by pushing a button on the top or side of the steering wheel or by turning your key in the ignition and pressing down on a button.

A steering wheel lock is usually found in vehicles that have been parked for long periods of time and are at risk for theft. They are also used on vehicles that are being driven around town and stopped for long periods of time such as taxis and delivery trucks. There are many different ways to break a steering wheel lock, but they all require some type of tool such as a crowbar or hammer.

Materials Needed:

  • Crowbar
  • Hammer

Breaking a steering wheel lock

If you have a club steering wheel lock, you can break it with a few simple tools and some elbow grease. The lock is designed to be difficult to remove, but it is possible.

  • Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the steering wheel in place. You will need to loosen these screws considerably before they will come out completely.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the cover plate from the top of the steering wheel. This cover plate covers the top of your ignition cylinder, which contains a small metal rod with wires attached to it. This rod controls whether or not your car will start when you turn the ignition key.
  • If you have trouble prying off this cover plate, use pliers instead of a screwdriver.
  • Use an adjustable wrench or vise grips to break open the lock holding your steering wheel in place (see Resources).
  • Use caution when doing this because there are sharp edges inside that could cut you or damage your skin if they get caught on something while you’re working on your car’s engine compartment.
  • Once broken open, remove any remaining pieces of plastic from around your steering.


Steering wheel locks are a simple solution to deter theft, but they aren’t nearly as secure as many people believe. Even with the best of intentions, you can still be left with a broken lock and unable to start your car. Of course, breaking a steering wheel lock used to require expensive tools and special expertise, but now you can complete this process quickly and easily for just a few dollars. These straightforward tips will teach you everything you need to know about breaking the average steering wheel lock.