How to Keep Jeep Wrangler Fenders Black

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Dirt from rags and cleaners often can seep into the texture of brand new black fender flares and bumpers, causing white smears and spots to show on the black plastic. It’s a nightmare to get rid of. If you use any harsh, perfumed liquid soaps on your plastic fenders, they will lose their oils over time, becoming drab and grey. The problem with all of these solutions is that once the fenders get wet, they quickly fade and pull out much faster if the vehicle is left in the sun for long periods of time.

Sunburns or rough winter climate, the Jeep Wrangler’s fenders and bumpers fade away and appear dull. Plastic fenders and bumpers are normal on the Jeep Wrangler, but there’s a reason for it. Plastic fenders and bumpers are normal on the Jeep Wrangler, but there’s a reason for it. The outside components are meant to be removed and changed with ease. The Jeep is built to endure a hammering because it was meant for off-roading.

This easy DIY will show you how to restore the lustrous appearance of plastic exterior components. This process, however, will only make them shine for a few months at a time, but it is considerably less expensive than purchasing new ones. You may always paint them any colour you choose, but the purpose of this essay is to explain you how to temporarily revive them.

Required Materials

  • An electric heater
  • Cleaner
  • Rag

Step 1: Clean the components 

The first step is to clean it as thoroughly as possible with a cleaner. When you spray cleanser and brush it off, the salts usually come off easily.

Step 2: Apply heat to the area

Use your heat can to repair them after you’ve washed them as completely as you can. Carefully glide your heat gun down the fender; as you need it over it, you’ll notice the fading colour change, and don’t stays too long once it goes shining.

Step 3: Use a protective cleanser

This process isn’t permanent; therefore it will fade with time. Your best bet is to extend the shine as much as possible. A product named “303 Aerospace Protectant” is recommended by most forum members. This product adds a layer of protection against UV rays and salts to the components. Simply spray your fenders and bumpers with it, and then wipe it around gently.

How can I restore the colour of my Jeep fender flares that have faded?

After a few years of owning a Jeep Wrangler, faded fender flares are unavoidable. After a year or two in the sun, they start off lovely and sparkling black then fade to a dingy dismal grey. Painting your flares is another alternative, but it takes a lot of time and can be scraped off on the trails.

Penetrol is a “paint conditioner” that helps oil-based paints spread more easily. Penetrol, on the other hand, is excellent at mending worn fibreglass and rejuvenating exhausted fender flares. Penetrol isn’t a “permanent” cure, but it lasts a lot longer than Armor All, 303, and other related items flares stay dark even after a few rainstorms. How to using Penetrol is provided below:

1. Purchase Penetrol: a no-brainer. Most hardware stores with a good paint department should have Penetrol.

2. Protect painted areas with a masking tape: Penetrol is a flammable product with a strong odour. Because the product isn’t made primarily for automotive uses, this was only a precaution on my part.

3. Controlling the amount of Penetrol applied is simple with the foam brush. Flares can be coated with a small amount of substance.

4. Wash flares with a cloth after “painting” them: After “painting” the flares, lightly wipes them down. Because penetrol is oily, washing it down leaves a beautiful clean finish.

Fender flares on the Jeep Wrangler are made of what?

In comparison to the factory plastic liners, they are made of powder-coated aluminium and provide more durable and full engine compartment protection.

Is it possible to repair black plastic using WD-40?

WD-40 can also be used to polish the plastic surfaces of your car as an added advantage. They’ll look as gleaming in the showroom as they did in the showroom, if they’re black or chrome.

Flat fenders are a type of fender that is flat on both sides

These fenders are made of closed cell EVA, so they won’t puncture or soak up water. They do not roll or ride up due to their flat design. To construct a modular design, they can be linked using our hook and loop strap. These fenders can be used as a knee pad or seat cushion, and they are easy to store.

Are fender flares spray-paintable?

Spray paint, time, and effort are all you’ll need to paint your fender flares. After that, remove and prepare your flares before painting them with a special automotive paint.

What is the price of a fender replacement?

The cost of repairing a small fender might range from $500 to $1500. Repairing a few fender kits on a medium scale can cost anything from $1,500 to $4,000. Lights, grilles, and bumpers are among the medium repairs. For a car that is entirely damaged and difficult to drive, the major fender repairs can cost up to $6000 and more.

Are fender flares something I can make myself?

Fender flares may prevent dirt off your car’s body panels while also increasing its market value. Making your own fibreglass fender flares can save you money and give you the ability to customise them, despite the fact that it is a lengthy task.

Fender flares can you wrap?

3MTM premium-quality vinyl coverings for fenders and fender flares. Choose from over 80 exotic colours and finishes in Series 1080 or 2080 vinyl wrap films to totally transform the front and back fenders of your vehicle in no time. Just make sure your fenders are clean and ready to go.