How to make a diaper bassinet with wheels

A diaper bassinet is a portable crib that is made using a bassinet and wheels. This post describes how to make a diaper bassinet with wheels. Here, you will learn how to manually convert a bassinet into an easy-to-move ‘diaper bassinet’ with or without a handle or wheels.

Make a diaper bassinet with wheels

Diaper Bags are great for parents. They are much more convenient than carrying around a big bag with you everywhere you go. But what if you’re going to be gone for a long time? How can you store all of your diapers neatly?

Or if you have a baby, how can you keep them from messing up their room while they sleep? This is where the Diaper Bassinet with Wheels comes in handy!

You can keep all of your diapers in one place and roll it out when you need to use them. It also keeps everything clean so that your baby doesn’t have to be near any messes. If you have an older child who needs their own space, then this is also great because it gives them some privacy while they sleep or play on their own!

Tools and Materials

This is a simple project that makes a great addition to your nursery. It’s easy to build and will last you a long time. The total cost of the materials is around $70.


  • 1 sheet of 4×8′ plywood (we used birch)
  • 2 sheets of 4×8′ 1/4″ luan plywood (for the sides)
  • 2 sheets of 3/4″ plywood for the base and back of the bassinet (you can use 1/2″ if you want but we found it to be too flexible)
  • 2 sheets of 3/4″ plywood for the sides (if you want them thicker use 1/2″)
  • 4 sheets of 2×4’s cut into 10″ lengths (to screw into the bottom side rails)
  • 8 corner brackets for attaching the bottom side rails together
  • 8 bolts with nuts and washers to attach the wheels to their axles

Assemble wheels

To assemble the wheels, follow these steps:

  1. Put a 5/16-inch nut on each of the four screw posts that you previously installed in the bottom of your bassinet.
  2. Put a washer on each of the four bolt heads and slide them through the holes in the bassinet’s sides.
  3. Tighten down each nut with a wrench until it’s snug against the post, but not so tight that it bends or breaks off the post.

Prepare baskets

You can make a diaper bassinet with wheels in a few easy steps. All you need is some sturdy baskets and a piece of plywood.

  1. Measure the size of the plywood and cut it down to size with a circular saw or jigsaw.
  2. Cut slots into the sides of each basket so that they will fit onto the plywood base. If you don’t have a jigsaw, you can use a box cutter to do this step.
  3. Place each basket onto the base and mark where holes will need to be drilled into them for screws to hold them in place on the plywood base once it’s all assembled.
  4. Drill holes at each marked location on each basket and attach them to the plywood base using screws or nails, depending on what kind of baskets they are made from (plastic or cardboard).

Cut panels for basket frame

The frame will be the back and sides of the basket, so you need to cut out some panels for it. Use one of the panels as a template for the other two.

Measure and mark the width on each of your three panels, then cut them out with a jigsaw.

The front panel should be wider than the rest (15 cm), to accommodate the wheels later on. A good guide for this is to allow for about half an inch clearance on either side of them, so that they can rotate freely without rubbing against any woodwork.

The other two panels should be around 12 cm wide. Once you’ve got all your pieces cut out, make sure they’re square by measuring diagonally across every corner and marking it if it’s not straight enough.

Assemble basket frame

Place the basket frame on the floor and lay the fabric over it, aligning the edges. Use safety pins to secure the fabric to the frame.

Attach baskets to basket frame

Baskets are the foundation of your bassinet. The baskets need to be sturdy and strong enough to hold your baby. You can use any type of basket you like, but the best ones are wicker baskets with handles or woven plastic baskets. If you want to use woven plastic baskets, you will need some wire cutters or scissors so that you can cut through the plastic.


Other than that, it is a very useful and portable item. It is also very durable, it doesn’t require much effort to assemble and disassemble. It doesn’t need much level surface either. It can be used outside with proper support, but using it out of the house really depends on your family’s needs.